School Bus Driver Arrested After Footage Surfaces of Him Repeatedly Hitting Student

A school bus driver in Louisiana named Jerome McNabb is being held in jail after an incident found him repeatedly hitting a student on his bus. The incident was caught on camera and showed the 72-year-old repeatedly punching and kicking a student on the bus.


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An investigation into the matter by the St. Helena Parish School District was concluded and then given to the sheriff’s office. Reports noted the student is with their parents, and the student’s condition is currently unknown.

The school district issued a statement saying, “The St. Helena Parish School District is aware of the incident involving a bus driver and a learner that occurred today. We immediately investigated the actions of the driver of the bus company that is contracted to transport our learners. A review of the video resulted in a referral of this matter to the St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office.” Allegations that popped up since the footage surfaced noted that McNabb went off because the student allegedly spat on him and kicked him while driving the bus. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: WBRZ

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