“I Am Safe, I Am Loved” – 7-year-old St-abb-ed And Set On F-ire Adopted By The Detective Who Responded To Call – Video

This 7-year-old boy, Ronnie, has been given a second chance after enduring what anyone might term ‘unimaginable.’ All thanks to Hillsborough County sheriff’s Office detective Mike Blair and his wife Danyel who gave this little boy a new life. Ronnie was eight years old when his father eliminated his mother and sister. Even the little boy was subject to thump and was spike by his father.

Blair recalls that their department was informed about a child who was medevacked to Tampa General but he wasn’t expected to survive.

Blair used to make frequent visits to the hospital as a part of his duty. During Ronnie’s stay in the hospital, Blair would bring the little boy gifts, and one fine evening, Ronnie held Blair’s hands as he left and asked him if he could watch a movie with him. Blair responded saying, he wouldn’t be able to do it because he had to get back to work but promised that he would return in the night to watch a movie with him.

Blair and his wife Danyel were all set to go on a date that night, and Blair asked her if she would mind watching a movie with this little kid, and she agreed. “I had already known that I would want to take Ronnie home with us that night,” Danyel said. Ronnie was living with family members who had problems in their house, and as Danyel was driving by their church, Ronnie’s guardian asked her if she knew of someone who could help the little boy.

Danyel wanted to adopt Ronnie. Blair recalls, “My kids had come to me and said to me, Dad, you just need to go with mom on this and start fostering.” The Blairs went ahead and agreed to adopt Ronnie, and after a five-month process, they took in Ronnie as their child. While Ronnie is very grateful for his new family, he continues to heal. He does get reminded of his mother and sister. In a conversation with WFLA, Ronnie spoke about his mother and said, “She was just a good mom.

HED: Detective and Wife Adopt Boy Who Was Stabbed, Set on Fire by Dad Who Killed Family

We did like a lot of things together. She was nice, pushed me on the swing, made me some good wings. My sister was very nice. She couldn’t talk but, she could still move her head, and so I learned sign language.” Ronnie is now happy that he has a new church and new family and hopes to become an actor one day.

Source & Credit: celbmag.com

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