Dr. Pam Grier Said She Used To Hide Razor Blades In Her “Big Hair” While In High School

Pam Grier shared a throwback picture of herself from high school and said she used to hide razor blades in her big hair to fight off country girls.

See below:

My East High School Senior portrait. My Big hair hid razor blades to fight off country ass girl gangs and scary hairy creatures hiding under the bed at night.

Sis went to East High School and she shared that her school was not segregated but liberal and wealthy.

No, not segregated. East High liberal, wealthy. Some of The rich kids dropped off in families limousines. First time I saw that, thought a funeral at the school. I rode my bike 8 miles sometimes, or 10 of us would climb in a bros 1958 Blue Ford, pay gas money to the East side.

Her razor blade trick is all too familiar, often used to defend yourself when the need arose.

Even though the razor blade story was interesting, her throwback picture reminded us that Pam Grier is that girl!

Twitter sang her praises calling her ‘a badass’ and ‘gorgeous”.

Source & Credit: emilycottontop.com

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