Would You Do It? – Atlanta Rapper Omeretta Shares 6 Tattoos Displaying Her Boyfriend’s Name

Tats have been a pretty hot topic this week, we are sure you have seen this post!

24-year-old Atlanta rapper Omeretta added to the tat conversation when she shared 6 tattoos of her man’s name on different areas of her body to her Instagram.

For context – her boyfriend is currently doing a 20-year bid and Omeretta has been pretty vocal about holding him down while he is in prison.

She shared all six of her tats on Instagram stories on Monday, displaying his name.

see below:

To be clear Omeretta won’t be the first person to tattoo the name of her person on her body, and we are pretty certain she won’t be the last.

However, this has not stopped social media from giving their opinions.

The question on everybody’s mind is, would you do it? And if so would you do it 6 times?

SupaCent commented on one post saying:

Im not judging. I had an incarcerated man tattooed on me 4 times. My first one at 18 and my last one at 28. Got them all covered at 29

Another commenter said:
The back tattoo was the most cringe worthy of all ?.

What kind of dragon she bout to get to cover THAT up with if they break up ?? ???

and another suggesting, a ring would be better:

No….if you want others to know you have someone you love, a wedding ring is a good display ❤️ But! to each their own. Doesn’t change the person

On that note, please allow us to play a little devil’s advocate.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to tattoo names on their bodies:

1. Marks territory – Literally letting other people know that you ‘belong’ to this person or they ‘belong’ to you.
2. Strengthens the relationship – Adding your partner’s tattoos is often viewed as a display of love.
3. People also do it after they get married to reaffirm commitment.
4. Tats can help couples cope during difficult times.

The question remains!

Would you do it? Have you done it? and would you do it six times?

Source & Credit: emilycottontop.com

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