Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Arrested While Driving Dead Woman’s Car

Kirk Franklin’s son Kerrion Franklin was arrested and is being held in a Los Angeles County jail without bond after being taken into custody on Sunday.

According to court records 33-year-old reality star Kerrion Rashad Franklin was arrested at 7:36am after being pulled over by the Beverly Hills Police. He was booked into jail at 10:28am.

Court records show he is being held without the option to bail out, according to Radar Online.

Kerrion has a court date set for this week where he will go before a judge.

Kerrion says he as “wrongfully arrested and stopped because of his taillight.”

Kerrion claims he can’t get out of jail until Tuesday which is when his next hearing is. He said that police allegedly found a gun in the car.

Kerrion was charged with resisting arrest which he denies. Kerrion reportedly has to be extradited back to Texas to deal with a separate case.

According to the report, Kerrion told police that the gun they found didn’t belong to him. The car he was driving belongs to a woman who has been reported missing and is believed to have been killed.

Kerrion is currently starring on the Zeus Network show Bad Boys: Los Angeles.

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