DaniLeigh And Her Baby Father DaBaby Get Into A Heated Exchange On IG Live Police Are Called

All hell broke loose in Charlotte Last night when DaniLeigh appeared on Instagram live while feeding her 3-month-old baby arguing with Dababy.

Dababy appeared to be asking her to leave the home they were in with her 3-month-old at 3 AM.

Both parties can be seen on live exchanging harsh words and in a separate video, DaBaby is seen asking Dani to leave while the police are there.

Watch the series of videos below:

Dababy put out a statement, on his Instagram Story stating that he wants to “swiftly remove” himself from the hostile behavior put on display on Live.

Claiming that he is sad because he still has ‘a queen’ to raise.

Read below:

Dani follows him with her own statement, calling Dababy Cap and calling him out for trying to kick her out of the house:

and sharing that she is over it!

Speaking to her audience directly DaniLeigh opens up about not addressing what she has gone through with Dababy and how messed up her situation is with the rapper.

She shared that she tried to make it work with him for the sake of her child and that she completely loves him despite everything.

Watch below:

And of course, Meme, Dababy’s other baby mother had to get some things off of her chest as well, she posted the following video to Instagram:

And just when we thought things calmed down, Dababy and Dani got into it again while Dababy was on Instagram live, explaining himself.

Twitter has had a ton to say about this entire situation, especially with regards to Dababy trying to kick Dani out at 3 Am with a newborn.

One user wrote:

and another:

and another calling out Dani for using the N-word:

All parties are continuing to argue and post ‘receipts’ on social media, at the end of the day we hope they can all resolve their differences for the sake of the children.

This is a whole lot chile! Comment your thoughts below.

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