“Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown Said Her Hair Is Now Falling Out In Clumps After A Chemical Treatment

At this point, we are just sorry for Tessica Brown’s hair, it’s been through hell and back allegedly.

On a very recent TikTok video, sis shared that her hair is now falling out in clumps.

In the video, she describes seeing a few gray hairs popping up and wanting to cover them.

She did not share what ‘chemical’ she actually used but said she used dye and filmed herself picking up clumps of hair from her bathroom counter, and combing her hair.

She said:

I decided that I was going to start wearing my real hair, but when I looked at it, I had a gray hair and gray hair there.

So me thinking that my hair is strong enough to take chemicals. Dude no, it wasn’t, I put the dye on jumped in the shower rinsing it out and as I am rinsing it out Dude my hair, my hair is steady coming out as I am rinsing my hair out.

Watch the video below:


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We recently shared, that Tessica started her own hair product line and dropped a new single called “Ma Hair”.

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