6:02 PM PT — Vicky White, the prison guard who allegedly helped inmate Casey White escape, has died from her self-inflicted gunshot wounds.
3:31 PM PT — Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said he had “every bit of trust in Vicky White” as an employee before the escape. He said he hopes she survives her injuries and she has “some answers to give us.”

The local sheriff in Evansville says Vicky shot herself when the vehicle she and Casey were in was rammed by cops and that she is not in good condition.

Officers say they got tipped off to the couple’s location after a tip from a civilian. The two were located by law enforcement at a local hotel … that’s when the pursuit started.

The alleged murderer who escaped from prison late last month and the guard who allegedly helped him have been cornered and captured in an Indiana cornfield … according to FOX59 in Indianapolis.

It went down Monday afternoon in Evansville, IN, when police tracked down a pickup truck Casey White and Vicky White were driving — a 2006 Ford F-150. The pair apparently fled to a nearby cornfield where cops surrounded them.

The Lauderdale Co, Alabama Sheriff says Casey has been taken into custody after surrendering … and Vicky has been taken to a local hospital. It’s clear Vicky is in rough shape … the Sheriff said, “I hope she survives this. I don’t know the extent of her injuries. We don’t wish any ill will on Vicky with her health but she has some answers to give us.”

As for Casey White, he’s also in custody and there are unconfirmed reports he too was shot, although it’s not clear if it was his own gun or someone else’s.

As we reported, Casey White, who was in custody on a murder charge, escaped from an Alabama detention center with the help of Vicky White, who drove him away under false pretenses. Authorities say the 2 were involved in a relationship.

There was a massive manhunt over the last few weeks and the break in the case came last Tuesday when someone spotted Casey White at an Evansville carwash. Police then focused their search in that area, which eventually led them to the cornfield.

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