Man Dies Of Heart Attack While Burying His Girlfriend Who He Strangled To Death

A man passed away from a heart attack while burying his dead girlfriend, who he killed.

According to reports, karma hit a South Carolina man like a ton of bricks after he suffered a heart attack while burying his girlfriend, who he reportedly strangled to death. The man was identified as 60-year-old Joseph McKinnon and his girlfriend was 65-year-old Patricia Dent.

According to Fox News, officers from the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office went to the Trenton home on Saturday after receiving reports of “an unresponsive male lying in his yard.” Police found McKinnon’s body when they arrived at the scene. Next to McKinnon’s body was a pit that had just been dug up and in it was a second body, Fox News reports.

An autopsy determined that the McKinnon strangled the woman and then suffered a “cardiac event” while trying to cover up his crime. Fox News reports investigators believe McKinnon strangled the woman inside the home and then prepped her body to be buried.

“Mr. McKinnon then bound her and wrapped her in trash bags before putting her in the previously dug pit,” the sheriff said.

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