NJ Woman Gets 95 Years for Murdering Her Girlfriend After Hitman Fails to Kill Her

According to reports, a New Jersey woman received a 95-year prison sentence after murdering her girlfriend and burying her in the backyard of a New Jersey home. This came after she initially arranged for a hitman to murder her lover.

“It is difficult to imagine a more heinous scheme of manipulation and cold-hearted depravity over four months than that orchestrated by Jennifer Sweeney,” said Monmouth County Superior Court Judge David Bauman during last Friday’s sentencing.

Per ABC 7 NY:

the “41-year-old Tyrita Julius was wounded in a shooting two days before Thanksgiving in 2015. In March of the following year, her mother reported her missing. In August 2016, her body was found buried in the yard of a Long Branch home. […] The resident of the home was 38-year-old Andre Harris, who authorities said was the gunman in the earlier shooting. He reached a plea deal and testified against Sweeney, saying she had threatened to kill his children if he didn’t shoot Julius, whom he didn’t know. He said Sweeney was jealous and believed Julius was cheating on her.”

Sweeney, 38, was convicted in September of murder, conspiracy, attempted murder and weapons counts as well as evidence-tampering and desecration of human remains.

According to Monmouth County prosecutors, Sweeney must serve at least 85% of both the 75-year life term for the murder and the 20-year term for the shooting.

Source: Instagram.com

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