Oprah Winfrey Gave Birth at 14 & ‘Never Felt like It Was’ Her Baby

Most people prefer hiding their pa-inful past, Oprah Winfrey also did the same, she has been keeping her past a secret for a long time, it was until her half-sister disclose it to the world. The television icon has been shattered by the disloyalty of her family members

Oprah Winfrey, the television host is a self-created billionaire with no children, however, she considers young girls from her academy as her daughters.

Everyone ought to have some painful past, the iconic star has also gone through a painful past. Here are the details about her past, her thought on having children, and her daughters from the academy who have empowered her to fulfill her maternal duties. At the age of 14 Winfrey got pregnant and she hid the pregnancy for about seven months. In her “life class” program for own she said she saved the unborn as she felt detached: “I saved the unborn baby because I felt disassociated and detached. I never felt like the baby as my own.”

She admits that hiding her pregnancy didn’t bring her anything but just shame and her big tummy proved that she was expecting a baby soon: “I hid the pregnancy as I was ashamed, however, my big belly and swollen anklets gave me away.” She continued, “Concealing the secret within myself and bearing the shame blocked me in many ways that I remember my mother taking me to a detention home after deciding to put me out of the house at the age of 14.” She shared about the overall t-rauma and how she felt at that time, she said, “it was the most emotional, t-raumatic and confusing experience of my life.”

She further elaborated that she remembered how her relatives perverted her when she was taken to the detention home and waiting to be processed there. The television mogul revealed that she has been s-x-ually ab-used at the age of nine and was as-saulted for all those years, eventually resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Winfrey said, “ looking around the detention room I felt like “I am officially the bad girl now,” she thought, “now for the rest of my life I am going to be called a bad girl because I’m going to be put down in this place.” She just sat there and waited to be processed while telling herself that she doesn’t belong there:

“I don’t know how this has happened that I’m in a place for bad girls as I don’t feel like I was a bad girl.” And it turned out to be a lucky day for her, a woman came out and said to her mother that there was no space for her and told them to return after two weeks. Her mother Vernita lee leave this world in November 2018. According to her, it was her saving grace, later young Winfrey was let free to go and live with her father. After a narrow miss from being placed in the detention room, Young Winfrey felt like she was offered a second chance, she states:

“From that day onwards, I felt like I was saved somehow, that someone up there conceded that I was not a bad girl.” She further said, “And here I was provided another chance after I gave birth at 14 years old to a baby who I never know how that happened to me at that time.” She disclosed what her father told her when her baby leave this world at the hospital as it was born prematurely. Her father told, “This is your second chance. This is another opportunity to make something of your life and cease this moment.”

Her father’s words created a realization at the moment within her at that moment, she said, “I took the opportunity and realized for myself, that now I know better so I can do better.” She also states that her secret would have remained concealed until she could deal with her emotions and feelings completely. Winfrey expressed her g-rieve after learning a publication paid Patricia Lloyd her half-sister for the story. She states that her sister is a deeply disturbed and d-rug dependent individual. Her pregnancy has made her wo-rried throughout her life, in the beginning, she feared that they would expel her from school, and years later she fe-ared that it would da-mage her growing career, she said:

“I have carried my secret to the future, worried always that if anyone would discover what happened in the past, they too would remove me from their lives.” And when her teenage pregnancy appeared before the public, Winfrey was inconsolable and said, “I took to my bed and cried for three days. I felt wounded, be-trayed, and de-vastated. How could she do this to me?” She recalled: “I remember Stedman (boyfriend) coming to me this afternoon and handed me the tabloid and said, “I’m so sorry. You don’t deserve this.” She thought every single person would point their finger at her and scream, ‘wicked girl… pregnant at 14.’ But nothing like that happened, it made her surprised and stunned.

She said, “I was stunned. Nobody treated me differently. For nearly 20 years, I have been worrying about a reaction that never came.” Soon she realized that revealing her secret was liberating, and states that holding the shame for all the years was the greatest burden of all. During an exclusive interview in October 2019, Winfrey opened up on her decision of not to have kids. Initially, she thought of having kids after meeting Graham in a charity event in 1986. She said, “I had brought an extra apartment, at one point in Chicago because I was thinking if we married we would need more space for children.”

While that never happened, Winfrey said that she has acknowledged the sacrifice and responsibility that is required to be a mother. On the Oprah Winfrey Show, she said, “I often wonder about this all the time, I work for nearly 17 hours in a day with my producers and then I return home where I have my two dogs and I have Graham Stedman, who allows me to be who I need be in this world.” And for the same reason, she admits that she has no regrets about her decision of not to have any biological children.

However, she managed to fulfill the space through her girl from her academy. The proud star said, “Those girls fill the maternal fold that I would have had. I’m overflowed with maternal.” In 2007 she worked out her five-year dream of establishing a safe educational environment for needy girls in South Africa while opening the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

She refers to her student as her daughters and they, in turn, called her “Mom O’. During every thanking, she invites the first graduating class to her home in Montecito for a holiday celebration. She once shared that she and her daughters enjoy lovely meals and conversations together. She states it was the true definition of what family means. A space to be oneself and express.

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