Teacher Notices 7-Year-Old Boy Cycling Alone On Highway, Helps Him Save His Father

Keller Sutherland, a first-grade teacher in Greenville County, South Carolina, was heading home last week when she noticed a boy riding his bike on a four-lane highway. When she realized it was her previous year’s student, seven-year-old Cameron, she doubled back.

Cameron said that his father, who was diabetic, had collapsed at home, and he didn’t know how to dial 911, so he was heading to his grandmother’s house to find help after his neighbors didn’t respond.

In a Facebook post, Sutherland recounted the incident: “After two gentlemen who also stopped contacted police and first responders we were able to make it back to the home just in time to help his dad!’ Sutherland wrote in a Facebook post. I am still overwhelmed by the amazing strength and determination this child had to do what he was attempting to do. Even though he didn’t make it to Grandma’s, I am incredibly grateful to have passed by him when I did!”

“There is no doubt that this moment was a divine intervention from God!!!” she added.

Cameron, in a video released by his school, stated that he was scared while riding his bike on the highway, and was grateful that his former teacher stopped to help.

In the video, Sutherland shared: “When I seen myself as a teacher, it just goes so far beyond the classroom. God just showed up in an amazing way. On a day when I felt I wasn’t making an impact, He just intervened and placed me where I needed to be for Cameron.”

Shawn McCain, the principal of Ellen Woodside Elementary, stated that the school was going to teach students how to make emergency calls on both Androids and iPhones when they are locked.

Sources: Daily Mail

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