Trucker Notices RV Rock Back And Forth, Sees $3x Captive Peer Out The Window

Kevin Kimmel arrived at a truck stop in New Kent County late into the night, and spotted an RV parked just a few spots away.

“An older RV, black curtains and in my world that’s not natural,” he said.

His suspicions were aroused after he saw a man knock on the door and walk inside. The RV began rocking back and forth, and shortly after, a young woman looked out one of the windows, and he noticed her distress.

“So I called police and within 5 minutes there were four cars there,” Kimmel stated.

Police arrested an Iowa couple who had abducted the woman and forced her into prostitution.

Now, years later, Kimmel is making his way across the country with Truckers Against Trafficking, speaking out to fight human trafficking.

“The more informed I got, the more I was interested in becoming part of the solution,” he said.

Kimmel has conversations with truckers, where he teaches them what to look out for and how to be aware of what’s going on while they are out on the road. One phone call could save a life.

He stated: “That person is alive today and two really bad people are where they’re supposed to be. Do the right thing, if you see something say something.”

Sources: WTVR

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