Renni Rucci Reveals That She’s No Longer Engaged to Foogiano

Rapper Renni Rucci came under fire after photos surfaced of her jewelry shopping with rapper PG, which made people question if she was cheating on her fiancé, rapper Foogiano.

Amid the speculation, Renni Rucci took to Twitter to write, “You can’t cheat when you single,” she wrote. “What was going on with me and my relationship wasn’t really y’all business because wasn’t y’all the same people saying I was dumb for staying.. no matter what tho together or not I’m solid enough to still hold sh*t down and make sure he good and taken care of because ain’t nothing but love.”

Renni Rucci later added, “Life happens, circumstances tear people and relationships apart, and things change. No foul done say what you want but cheating ain’t what’s going on… it’s still FREE FOO but b*tch I’m F R E E TOO [upside down smiling emoji].”

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