Alfonso Ribeiro Doesn’t Like When Fans Ask Him to Do the ‘Carlton Dance’: “It’s Not Gonna Happen” [Video]

If you ever run into Alfonso Ribeiro, do not expect to see his infamous ‘Carlton dance.’

On Tuesday, the former Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air star sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and discussed many things. More specifically, Ribeiro admits that he doesn’t enjoy doing his character’s signature dance. Ribeiro says that he encounters fans who request the dance from him “every day of my life if I go outside.”

However, Ribeiro also says he has no problem telling fans no if they ask.

“I’m a Black guy. I’m just not dancing for you. It’s not gonna happen,” Ribeiro said.

The topic was brought up after Kimmel complimented Ribeiro’s name to which he replied he likes it “a lot better than Carlton.” Kimmel then promises Ribeiro that he wouldn’t ask him to do the famous dance. Ribeiro chimes in, saying he doesn’t understand “what’s happening in their head” whenever fans randomly request the dance.

“What makes you think that you just gonna ask a random person to dance for you,” Ribeiro explains. “And they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for you to ask! Hold on a second, let me get into character.’ It’s not. I don’t get it. It’s not gonna happen.”

Last July, Ribeiro revealed to ABC that he was typecasted after playing Carlton so well and how it hindered his future acting opportunities.

“When you do a role like Carlton and people love the role,” Ribeiro said. “And you do the job so well that they essentially tell you that you can’t do it anymore because we can’t see you as anything else, is a very difficult thing to deal with.”

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