Cousin Of Missing Teen Zion Foster Tells Authorities Where To Locate Her Body; Search Continues

The disappearance of Michigan teenager Zion Foster has left investigators stumped since January. Now, they are certain she’s deceased and are confident they know where to find her body.

Foster mysteriously vanished on January 4th when her cousin Jaylin Brazier picked her up from her Eastpointe home. What transpired after remains cloudy. During a court hearing in March, Brazier told prosecutors that while he and Foster smoked marijuana at his home, she suddenly died.

“I just know one minute, she was cool, she was fine. She laid back for a minute, and next thing I know, she’s just — she was dead,” he stated at his sentencing on March 30th. Brazier admitted to panicking and throwing her lifeless body in a dumpster. He received 23 months to four years in prison for lying to authorities about Foster’s whereabouts. He has not been charged with her death. In the days following her disappearance, Brazier attempted to cover his tracks by calling her mother, Ciera Milton, and claiming that he hadn’t seen Foster in years. However, Milton knew this was a lie, as she remembered seeing Brazier shortly before her daughter went missing.

On Thursday, the Detroit Police Department held a press conference in Lenox Township, revealing that a confession led them to the landfill where Foster’s remains are said to be. Brazier directed them to the location, though it is unclear what other new information he has given authorities. Some outlets have reported that the teens’ remains were located Thursday, buried deep in the landfill, while other news outlets could neither confirm nor deny human remains had been found at the location today.

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