‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jesse Williams Wants His Ex-Wife To Get A Job – He Filed A Motion For Aryn to Undergo Vocational Examination

Jesse would like his child support payments modified even further and in order to get that done, he is forcing her to go back to work.

According to RadarOnline Jesse Williams’ lawyer went back to court to try and convince a judge to force the actor’s ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee to find full-time employment and pay more of their kids’ bills.

Jesse filed a motion for Aryn to undergo a vocational examination. He would have to hire an examiner to interview his ex-wife.

Aryn would be questioned about her past employment and skills.

The hearing would determine if Jesse’s ex has the ability to earn.

Jesse and Aryn settled their bitter divorce in 2019 when he was still pulling in an estimated $6 million per year. They agreed he would pay $40k per month for daughter Sadie and son Maceo.

However, recently, Jesse said he was only pulling in $1,600 a week while starring on Broadway.

He said not only did he not have the funds to pay the support but argued his ex was not using the $40k properly.

“Aryn has apparently spent thousands of dollars on failed or failing businesses while failing to seek gainful employment despite having an Ivy League degree, speaking 3 languages, and having a wealth of competitive real estate experience,” he wrote in a declaration.

Aryn argued her ex should not have left Grey’s and was only looking out for his own best interests.

The court ended up siding with Jesse by temporarily slashing his child support obligations down to $6k a month.

court documents also state that Jesse wants $6,105 in sanctions from his ex-wife to cover his legal fees connected with the motion.

Source & Credit: emilycottontop.com

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