Autopsy Report Confirms “Friday” Star Anthony Johnson Died of Chronic Alcohol Use

According to the medical examiner, Anthony Johnson died due to years of heavy drinking, which his wife wanted everyone to know.

The “Friday” star’s autopsy report, acquired by TMZ, states “chronic ethanol use” as the cause of death while also stating that his cause of death was natural.

In a toxicology test, officials found he did not have alcohol or common drugs in his system. The coroner’s office found that he recently tested positive for COVID, even though there were no signs of pneumonia.

According to Anthony’s widow, Lexis, she plans to keep his legacy alive by establishing a foundation in his name. She says she hopes that the cause of death will be made public to warn others about alcohol’s lethal effects. Her goal is to inspire others to put the bottle down.

Last year, Johnson was found lifeless in an L.A.-area store. He was rushed to the hospital but later pronounced dead.

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