Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Franklin Arrested in LA, Reportedly Was Driving Car Belonging to Missing Woman [Video]

Kerrion Franklin, son of gospel artist Kirk Franklin and star of Zeus show Bad Boys: Los Angeles, is currently being held in a LA County jail after being taken into custody Sunday morning.

Arrest records obtained by RadarOnline show Franklin was arrested after being pulled over by police in Beverly Hills. He was booked into jail just before 10:30 a.m. Court records also show he was denied an option for bond and was given a “permanent residence” inside the L.A. County jail.

Details surrounding the arrest surfaced on social media Monday afternoon from media personality Larry Reid Live who spoke to Kerrion from behind bars. Reid shared that the reality show star claimed he was “wrongfully arrested and stopped because of his taillight.” However, during the arrested, there was an altercation and police accused him of resisting, which Kerrion denied.

Kerrion also shared that police allegedly found a gun after searching the car, but it didn’t belong to him. According to Reid, it was also discovered the car Kerrion was driving belonged to a missing woman who is believed to have been murdered.

Kerrion reportedly also faces charges back in Texas and won’t face a LA judge until Tuesday.

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