Woman Claiming to be Related to Teen Who Fell From Orlando Amusement Park Ride Has No Connection to Family at All [Video]

Since the tragic death of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson, many people have come forward to show their respect and demand increased safety measures at amusement parks.

Last month Tyre was riding the Orlando FreeFall drop tower at Florida’s ICON park when he fell off the ride and died.

One woman, Shay Johnson, whose real name is Lewishena Browning, claimed that she was related to the boy and was among the many to speak out following the incident.

According to investigators, Johnson claimed she was Tyre’s cousin. Apparently, in the days following the boy’s death, she had spoken at news conferences, collected signatures for petitions, and even held a candlelight vigil where the incident happened.

Police say that Tyre’s mother doesn’t even know who Shay Johnson is.

WFTV9 reported that the Orange County Sheriff‘s Office shared the news of the mother’s confusion but that they are unsure if any crimes have taken place.

Attorneys for the family have established that none of the family members are associated with Johnson.
On Facebook, Tyre’s real family warned the public about “Shay Johnson” and confirmed that she is not related to the family on either side. They also said not to donate any money to Johnson and attached the real Gofundme page set up by Tyre’s mother.
Earlier, Johnson told MyNews13 that Tyre was excited to ride the FreeFall ride after being turned away from other rides shortly before he died.
Johnson said: “He said, ‘I am too big. I can’t ride.’ So I said, ‘go try another one.’ That’s when he came to try the SlingShot and they told him he was too big, so he said, ‘cousin, there is another ride I will try out. He called me and said, ‘they let me ride it, I can ride, I can ride,’ so I said, ‘ok, get on.’

She continued, “I Didn’t know this would be my last time talking to him alive. He just wanted to ride.”

During her interview, she also expressed how happy she was that people came out to support Tyre in honor, saying: “It make me feel happy that so many people came out and showed their love. Half these people out here don’t know us.”

As of Thursday, Johnson was fired from her job at Flash Dancer’s Bar in Orlando.

The FreeFall ride at ICON Park will be closed indefinitely following Tyre’s passing.

Source & Credit: balleralert.com

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