50 Cent Claims Jada Pinkett Smith Makes Her Marriage To Will Smith Look ‘Weak’ Telling All Their Business

As usual, Jada Pinkett Smith did something which she is best at doing, going viral for saying a few things on Red Table Talk. Recently, the actress of Angel Has Fallen used the platform as a medium to disclose conditions that she’s experienced as a wife mother, and daughter. Many times she has been judged for comments made regarding her marriage, with many impressions she disconcerted her husband Will Smith.

Jada’s recent comments didn’t stop making people believe that she doesn’t love her husband, and many are chanting in, including 50 Cent. The pair have worked really hard to reconstruct their marriage behind the scenes after what they define as years of sadness. The pair have admitted their separation and stay on the brink of legal separation before giving a try to some unnatural moves.

During one specific separation, Jada started a relationship with their kid’s friend August Alsina which unfortunately got ragged when they ultimately segregated. Ultimately, all this resulted in commencing their own table talk show debuting their new “dynamic” and the popular memes of Will looking entirely fed up. Since then Will has opened up a little, saying that both he and his wife have had extramarital relationships, however sadly, it had not taken the heat off his wife.

And the saddest part is many people pointed toward Jada’s relationship with Tupac Shakur and his continual existence in her life even 20 years after his demise as a sign of which she has perhaps ever been on the railing about Will. Whereas many immediately concluded with the comment, saying that Jada is yet again informing people that she still doesn’t love her husband, Will. 50 Cent posted about this on his page. The caption on the photograph of Jada and Will where Jada disclosed the complications of maintaining a healthy physical relationship with Will Smith.

The caption reads: “Why does she keep doing [stuff] like this? it makes the relationship appear weak. first an entanglement now this, come on!”. Fans in the comment box agreed with 50 Cent commenting, “Will Smith needs to leave her and realize he is a Fresh Prince and she is from a Different world !!!” Another one wrote, “Love to Will Smith. This just ain’t right. No good reason for her to speak public about that stuff.”

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