Footage of Dave Chappelle Talking About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Surfaces

Dave Chappelle’s recent show for Netflix at the Hollywood Bowl made headlines as the comedian was tackled by a man who tried to lunge at him with a weapon. The incident came weeks after Chris Rock was slapped while on the Academy Awards stage by Will Smith. Funny enough, it appears that Chappelle had a bit about the entire situation in his stand-up ahead of being tackled and was candid about his thoughts on Rock being slapped.


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Chappelle immediately pointed out how he felt Smith sitting back down and enjoying the rest of the evening following the slap was “gangster.” From there, he talked about Rock’s joke, saying Rock is his friend but he doesn’t have an easy “delivery.”

The comedian then addressed people who said Smith wouldn’t touch Chappelle like that. Chappelle responded by saying “Shut the f**k up, you gonna get me slapped!” Watch the portion of his stand-up above.


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