The Rock Gifts A $30k Truck To The Man Who Took Him In As A Homeless Teen And “Changed His Life’s Trajectory” – Video

Dwayne Johnson, ring name “The Rock”, gifts a truck worth $30k to the man who took him off the streets. It’s a heart-warming moment as the multipotentiality Johnson calls up the significance his friend Bruno had on his life. Dwayne Johnson initially became popular in his wrestling days in the WWE as The Rock.

After massive fame, he successfully transitioned his career in acting and starred in movies like ‘Fast and Furious, ‘Red Notice’ and Jumanji.

But Dwayne Johnson hasn’t forgotten his tough time. As a teen, The Rock fronted fundamentally bottom himself homeless. In Hawaii, his mother got dislodged as they were unable to pay rent. So, her mother sent him to Nashville, Tennessee to live with his father. Nonetheless, when Dwayne reached Nashville, instead of his father, a stranger was there to receive him at the airport. Dwayne soon realized that he wasn’t going to live with his father. Uncovering himself, a hopeless and homeless teen could have spoken hardship.

But Dwayne said, “God always found a way to put a few people in my path that would change the trajectory of the road I was going down.” In place of living with his father, Dwayne went with a stranger considering him as ‘God-sender’. The stranger’s name was Bruno Lauer and he helped him out even though they’d never met. “He took his punk kid in and we became lifelong friends,” said Dwayne. Bruno even gave his last $40 to support him buying his first car. When Dwayne started his career in wrestling as The Rock in the WWE, Bruno gave him a place to stay.

So, years later and after all his success, The Rock gifted a truck as an exceptional way to show gratitude to his friend “Downtown Bruno”. The Rock invited Bruno onto the set of his comedy TV show about his personal life. They recalled their initial times and how they have experienced so many things together. And after laughing over the “crazy times”, Dwayne also took his time to thank Bruno for all his support. “Your kindness and heart helped change my life’s trajectory,” he said to Bruno’s positive influence. After that, he throws a curveball.

The Rock then gifted a brand new Ford truck to his friend Bruno, leaving him surprised at that moment. Bruno started crying with joy and emotions. The Rock said to him that he had already fixed tags and soon his new car will be shipped to Bruno’s house in Walls, Mississippi. By showing the truck The Rock gave off, Bruno said, “I love you, man. Not ’cause of this,” “Cause of who you are. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for putting you in my life.” Later, The Rock posted the surprise gift pictures on his Instagram account.

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