Here’s What The Late Tommy Ford Did For A Living, Years After “Martin” Sitcom

After Tommy Ford passed away on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, more info surfaced about not just who he was as “Tommy” on the “Martin” sitcom…but also about who he was after “Martin.” A very respectable attribute we learned about Tommy is that he was no slacker by any means, and he made sure that he took care of his family. See what we learned about how Tommy earned a living after the successful stint of “Martin” was over…

What Tommy revealed is actually impressive, because it showed that he was determined to get his.

After “Martin” was wrapped for good, Tommy Ford was fortunate enough to expand his horizons as an actor, director, film producer. He also once said that his constant residual checks from the syndication of sitcoms like “Martin,” and “The Parkers” (which he also had a role on) was a “blessing” and allowed he and his family to live well.

Additionally, Tommy publicly expressed his gratitude to Eddie Murphy for giving him his first movie role in the ’89 classic, “Harlem Knights.” Many years later Tommy, in turn, gave Eddie’s daughter her first acting role in his movie, “Conflict Of Interest”…where Eddie’s daughter played Tommy’s daughter on film. Tommy Ford explained all that and more in his interview below…

It’s still hard to believe that we had to say goodbye to Tommy so soon at just 52 years young. This song says everything we would wanna say to Tommy right about now…take us out Boyz II Men…

Rest on Tommy Ford, after building an incredible legacy for the younger generation to follow.

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