NBA YoungBoy Reportedly Won’t Re-Sign With Atlantic Records, Turned Down $25M

NBA Youngboy has found himself dealing with issues related to Atlantic Records, the label he’s been signed to for a portion of his career. Previously, Youngboy called out the label a few times this year, telling artists not to sign to the label. He doubled down by saying, “Don’t sign to Atlantic unless you want to be a slave.” Now, Youngboy was serious about the issues he had with the label, reportedly turning down a $25 million offer from the label to remain on their roster of artists.

The news surfaced via DJ Akademiks, who went on to say, “NBA YoungBoy is leaving. He will not be resigning. He didn’t like their offers. I can tell you they offered him like $25 million, and he turned it down.” Akademiks then gave more detail, saying, “He don’t want it. He’s good. He don’t want the money. He doesn’t want to be in a record deal anymore with Atlantic. He wants to be completely free. He wants to be independent. He wants to do his thing.” Stay tuned for more updates.


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