Nia Long’s Mother Is Gorgeous…But Have You Heard Her Sing?

Have you ever heard of Talita Long? If not, say hello to the mother of actress Nia Long, educator, artist, and vocalist. What we love here at ILOSM is finding these cool facts about family members who are connected to entertainers that we love so much. We’ve covered the children of Barry White, Eric Benet, Al Green and so many more who are following in the footsteps of their parents. But now we’ve got a parent of an actress, with a unique voice and a five-octave range.

She isn’t new to using her vocal chops, as she’s composed music for many years and she’s performed in venues of all sizes. Check out the video of her performance of Denise Williams’ “Free” and Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love” and tell us what you think family!

There’s also a throwback full length music video of Talia Long, which was directed by Nia Long…check it out below.

In this clip, Nia Long vocalized the fears that many single mothers struggle with when she asked herself a simple question: “Am I doing this right?” Nia says that, in matters ranging from raising her two sons to making the decision to separate from her partner, her own mother has continued to inspire her confidence. While recounting her mother’s resourcefulness as a single parent, Nia breaks into tears of amazement at her strength.

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