Just Before Death, Craig Mack Revealed Music Exec Threatened To Kill Him And Gave Details

When Bad Boy Records rap legend, Craig Mack, passed away on March 12, 2018, at age 47, the world was shocked for several reason. He was way too young, and he reportedly died from congestive heart failure at such a young age. It wasn’t until after his passing, that reports began to spread that Craig had long been battling various health conditions during the decades he was away from the public’s eye.

Following his death, his rare last interview surfaced, in which he revealed that his life had been in danger after receiving threats from an unnamed music executive.

Craig Mack Recalled Threatening Life Altercation
Vlad TV shared footage from Craig Mack’s interview, in which he appeared to be in ailing health. His brain and memory were in perfect tact though, as he recalled the hostile incident that almost claimed his life.

According to Mack, a famous record label exec’ threatened to kill him for not fulfilling the musical obligations within one of his contracts. After Craig refused to record music, without getting paid the agreed upon amount, he says he then rolled around with a gun on his lap, prepared to kill at will because he feared for his life.

Craig Mack: “Next thing I know, money [the music exec] comes with this bullish, mafia mentality..him and his goons…talking about, ‘Yo, you owe us a album.’ And I’m like…’I don’t owe you sh*t, you owe me money. […] So if you could come up with the rest of this dough, then we could come up with the rest of this album. No dough, no records…that’s it.’”

Following that altercation, Mack said the threat was heightened. The unnamed music exec reportedly responded by reminding Mack of how much “muscle” he had to make something happen to him, if he did not show up to the studio to finish recording. Mack says he agreed to meet the exec at the studio, but sensed he was being set up and therefore took his “gunman” with him:

CM: “So I said ‘Alright, meet me up there at 7’o’clock.’ So I went and got one of my gunman, I’m not gon’ mention his name either…he came with me up there. … So they saw him and they fell back, because they were gon’ do something to me.”

Mack said that he and the label owner then talked it out, but he still refused to record the album if he was not paid accordingly.

In the days, weeks, months, that proceeded their tense studio conversation, Mack said he started receiving several death threats on the streets, as a result. This led to his paranoia at that time and he then mentally prepared himself to kill the music executive. According to Craig Mack, it was only by a chance spiritual awakening, that suddenly snapped him out of his quest for revenge. That awakening was a series of gospel songs that randomly played on the radio while he was seated in his car, picking up his ‘sister’ from work.

That begin Craig’s long journey into the secluded lifestyle he led as a member of a reported religious organization, Overcomer Ministry, located in Walterboro, South Carolina.

Diddy & Others Were Banned From Craig Mack’s Funeral
Although it’s still unclear which music exec’ Craig Mack referred to regarding the threats he received, ironically Mack’s previous record label exec, Sean “Diddy” Combs, was reportedly ‘banned’ from his funeral by the religious cult Mack was a member of.

To Diddy’s credit though, the congregation banned MOST of Craig Mack’s hip hop associates of the past, according to Mack’s longtime friend, DJ Scratch. Also for the record, Diddy reportedly offered to pay for Mack’s funeral services…but according to DJ Scratch, the congregation oddly refused his help.

Source & Credit: iloveoldschoolmusic.com

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