Ladies Are Loving Bob Marley’s Ex-NFL-Player Grandson (Lauryn Hill’s Former ‘Stepson’)

It’s been forty years since reggae icon and social activist, Bob Marley, left this earth. But his legacy is continuing to build through his offspring, and now the children of his offspring. In 2017 his grandson, Nico Marley, was signed to his father, Rohan Marley’s, favorite NFL team…The Washington Football Team. Of course, the Marley fam’ was/is beyond proud of that opportunity…even though there has been a change.

Meet Bob Marley’s Grandson, Nico Marley
Rohan is the father of five of Lauryn Hill’s six children, and Nico is her former ‘step-son’ in a sense. He’s a 26-year-old Tulane University graduate, who played the linebacker position in the NFL. He built an incredible rep’ throughout his college career as well.

Although Nico made major headlines after signing his NFL contract last year, he’s been headlining for other reasons as well. We checked out several social media platforms and found that the dude has the ladies going crazy over him! Everywhere we looked, there were hundreds of online comments from ladies talking about the “sexy Marley grandson,” whom they’d love to get with. They even offered Nico propositions of the sexual persuasion if you know what we mean.

We’re sure Lauryn Hill’s former ‘step-son’ is loving the attention, but the good thing is that Nico is hella focused on his career.

Nico is currently a free agent, after having been waived from the Washington Football Team. However, it seems that he understands that’s just the nature of the sport. Apparently, his pops understands that as well, especially based on the interview he gave soon after Nico was first signed his NFL contract. In 2017, Rohan told TMZ that his son’s Washington signing and his famous family name are not a guaranteed ticket, but simply an opportunity for him to prove himself. He also stated that Nico is very “coachable” and just an all-around good guy.

Rohan Marley Discusses Nico’s Discipline To Not Smoke Weed, Although His Marley Fam’ Does

Nico talked about how he landed his contract with The Washington Football Team in a prior interview on

“The Redskins, they reached out to me right after the draft within 10 minutes of the last pick, right around that time,” Marley told “Then there was the Saints and Cardinals, they also extended the same rookie camp invite. I chose Washington, I had a good conversation and something just told me to come here so I chose Washington. The Saints, I was in New Orleans for four years. I just really felt Washington.”


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Nico’s siblings are very proud of their brother as well and sent him congrats on social media at that time. Lauryn Hill’s and Rohan Marley’s daughter, Selah, wrote this on Instagram:

@selahmarley: Yoooooo my big bro is in the NFL!!!! I mean.. we been knew this was gonna happen, but it’s lit to see it manifest!! Shoutout to u bro.. been working hard since u touched a football & it’s definitely paying off.. continue to inspire the family yo.. this is gonna hugely impact all our siblings. More life, more blessings.. let’s goooooo @nico2marley

Nico’s dad was an athlete and played both soccer and football back in the day. However, growing up in Jamaica Rohan didn’t have the opportunity to join the NFL, he only dreamed of it, as he watched the one team he was able to get on the TV channel in his hometown and that team is The Washington Football Team. Wow…talk about life coming full circle…

What Nico Marley Is Doing Now


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These days, it seems that Nico is also focusing on the Marley family biz. He’s the founder of Lion X Wellness, a health and wellness business, “which offers organic, vegan and ethically grown” CBD products.

Wishing Nico Marley much success going forward whether that be in the NFL, or with his wellness business. In the words of his late great Rastafarian grandfather, “Jah Bless” Nico Marley.

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