A Chicago Stylist Gave A Student A Free Hair Makeover After A Classmate Attempted To Embarrass Her Online

Even though the rhetoric in most schools is, “say no to bullying’, sometimes it seems as if the message isn’t sinking in.

A young lady went viral after an classmate thought it would be funny to take pictures of her hair and post them online behind her back.

This was his post:

The pictures went viral and caught the eye of Chicago stylist @bossshaemac.

On Instagram, the kind stylist shared that she tracked the child down herself and offered her a free makeover.

This is the student’s hair now:

The stylist wrote on Instagram:

So today I saw a young girl going viral because some boy thought it was funny to take a picture of her hairstyle, WHICH in life you never know what somebody going through good or bad, ( so It was my goal to find her ) oh yeah S/O TO THE LIL BOY WHO THOUGHT HE WAS PUBLICLY EMBARRASSING HER, all you did was help her now she GIVING VERY MUCH FYE ?


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A post shared by Raw Ass Shae 💜 (@bossshaemac)

We just know this stylist spoke life into this young lady while she was in her chair!

In her stories, the stylist made it clear that, since the other child tried to publicly embarrass the young lady, she was ensuring that baby girl will now be publicly recognized for being beautiful.

Changed the entire narrative:

Littke sis looks amazing, kudos to this stylist.

Oh and we should mention that the stylist made her brand ambassador for her salon.

Sometimes it takes a village.

Source & Credit: emilycottontop.com


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