Remember The ‘Prostitute’ In “Car Wash”? Found Her, And She’s Made Major Moves In Hollywood

ILOSM family, make some noise if you remember “Marleen,” the prostitute from the movie, “Car Wash!” Her role in “Car Wash” wasn’t extensive, but it left a lasting impression on the viewers. “Marleen” was the prostitute who got her heart broken after falling in love with one of her customers, stepping into the phone booth to call him up, and learning that he’d given her the wrong phone number. What made that scene even more memorable was because Rose Royce’s hit, “I’m Going Down,” playing throughout and setting the mood for it. We’ve found her now!

Below are a few photos of Gloria Schultz today. It’s hard to imagine her as “prostitute Marleen” from “Car Wash” now…but yep, it’s her…

Gloria sometimes goes by the stage name of Lauren Jones for her acting roles. After “Car Wash,” we didn’t really see much of Schultz, but we have now learned that she’d been around the whole time, we just didn’t know it. She’s typically a more private person, but we’ve learned a few interesting things about her.
Gloria is married to an important figure in film and they have two sons. The thing we didn’t know is that she’s a well known casting director.

Gloria married the director for the movie, “Car Wash,” Michael Schultz (pictured above), and they’ve been married since 1965. Michael has directed many classic films including “Cooley High,” “Krush Groove,” The Last Dragon,” “Woman Thou Art Loosed,” “Bustin’ Loose,” Which Way Is Up, and too many more to name here. He’s also directed many theatrical plays and popular TV shows including “Starsky & Hutch,” “Alley McBeal, “Chicago Hope,” and the list goes on and on. See they’re son…

Gloria and Michael Schultz’s son, Brandon Schultz (above, L) is also a director and graphics animator. He was also the President of Imajimation Studios and has worked on Toni Braxton’s and Kelly Price’s videos. The Schultz’s have another son together, Derek Schultz, but very little is known about him. Michael has another son from a previous relationship, Brent Schaeffer (not pictured).

It’s always a beautiful thing to see old school legends living life to the fullest!

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