Rapper Son Of Guy’s Aaron Hall & Model Gloria Velez Is A Grown Man Who Has Ladies Fienin’

Back in the day, Aaron Hall, along fellow Guy group members, Teddy Riley and Damion Hall, had women everywhere swoonin’ over them and their classic joints, like “Groove Me,” Piece Of My Love,” and even Aaron’s single, “I Miss You.” Fast forward to today – the females now want a ‘piece of’ Aaron’s 23-year-old son and are leaving all types of ‘Hey Zaddy’ comments for him online.

Before we show y’all just how fast time has flown by with Aaron Hall’s sex-symbol son, let us give a lil’ insight into the oftentimes patchy past between Aaron and his son’s Moms. By the way, many of us Old Schoolers may remember Aaron’s ex as the principle video model in hit rap videos, such as Jay Z and UGK’s “Big Pimpin,’” for example.


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In 2014, Aaron Hall made the relationship between himself, his son, and the mother of his child, Gloria Velez, VERY public in an interview with Vlad TV. He said he’d met Gloria in a club around 1995, and that three days later she had his name tattooed right above her bikini line (if y’all catch my drift).

During that same interview, Aaron Hall also disclosed that he loves his son very much, but unfortunately he hadn’t seen him in 15 years. The good news is that now, they have reconnected and appear to have a cool father/son relationship…

Meet Their Adult Son
In the mid ’90s, Aaron Hall and Gloria Velez’s son, Aaron IV, looked like this…

Geesh! ‘Father Time’ has straight up pressed the fast forward button on us, right? Aaron IV is no longer the youngin’ we remember him as, he’s a grown man out here doing big things in this world…

With his Moms being a a former video model and his Pops being an R&B legend, it was only natural for Aaron IV to follow in his parents entertainment footsteps somehow. He is now a rapper, who goes by the name King Swazey, and he’s also a personal trainer.

Like we mentioned earlier, the rocky past Aaron IV had with his pops, Aaron Hall, has clearly mended. What’s even cooler about their reunion, is that Aaron Hall has opened up an avenue for his son to gain musical knowledge, by allowing him to tour with Guy on the road…

Apparently shortly after Aaron Hall’s 2014 interview went viral, his son must have heard the regret and sorrow in his Father’s confession about their strained relationship and decided to forgive Aaron Hall for his absence from his life. That was evident by 2015, because Aaron IV was already on tour with his dad and his group, Guy.

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