Daughter Of Sugar Ray Leonard Is Out Here Turning Heads With Brains And Beauty

Her daddy is boxing icon, Sugar Ray Leonard. Her mother is Sugar Ray’s wife, Bernadette Robi. However, their 24-year-old daughter, Camille Leonard, is out here carving her own lane, and that’s a beautiful thing.
Can we pause for one second to acknowledge that Sugar Ray is 65 years young, but is looking closer to 40?!! He has clearly been taking great care of his health and he’s representin’ the Old School well. Props to Sugar Ray.

Meet Sugar Ray Leonard’s Daughter
Okay, now back to his beautiful daughter. Her name is Camille Leonard and Sugar Ray Leonard couldn’t be more proud of her. She attended LMU (Loyola Marymount University) in Los Angeles. From the looks of it, she spends her spare time spending some quality time her her parents.

As well as being on her grind, promoting her fragrance line, Born Indigo. In one online post, she shared the following photo of herself and her Pops at her Born Indigo promotional event, captioning it with:

“SO blessed SO Lucky SO grateful… best surprise @sugarrayleonard papa, thank you for coming to support me♥️”

In addition to building her own brand, in 2016, Camille became a model, signing to Ford Model agency.

Camille also seems to enjoy hangin’ out with her friends, two of which include Kardashian family members – Kendall and Kylie. Kendall and Kylie are Kris Jenner’s (The Kardashians’ mother) and Caitlyn Jenner’s (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) daughters…

So what’s Sugar Ray been up to lately? Of course he still commentates professional boxing matches and he makes his rounds to various events promoting his Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, which focuses on raising funds and awareness for a cure for type 1 diabetes. His foundation also supports programs that help people rebuild their communities in ten cities across the United States and it supports accessible housing, healthcare services, and educational services and job training.

Sugar Ray has a new Skechers endorsement as well. In case you haven’t seen the Skechers commercial you can check it out below…he is back in action and showing these youngins out here that he ain’t rusty at all!

By the way, good genes must run in Sugar Ray’s family because here is a pic of his parents and a touching post he shared in 2015…

And there you have it folks…we learn something new everyday around here I tell ya.

Source & Credit: iloveoldschoolmusic.com

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