Keith Sweat Got Raw While Discussing His Freaky Flings With The Ladies In Interview

Since everyone’s been talking about Keith Sweat’s highly entertaining, cool-drunk-uncle performance on his Verzuz battle against Bobby Brown, we’ve decided to throw back to the time he revealed what he likes to do behind closed doors with the ladies. This was as equally as entertaining. So without further ado, ILOSM fam’…here’s what we previously reported…

You know that perception you’ve had of Keith Sweat all these years? Well, you can pretty much delete that from your thoughts, because whatever it is, it’s probably not an accurate perception of the Keith Sweat you thought you knew. Turns out, he’s a lot more raw, a lot more uncensored, and WAY more hilarious than the world ever got to see him as throughout the years. We are about to introduce you to the REAL Keith Sweat…

And uh…FYI: If you’re a little sensitive to a few choice words and grown folk conversations about sexual topics, you may wanna go ahead and click off of this article now…

But for everyone else, check out the very interesting info Keith revealed in his interview on The Breakfast Club. He covered everything from the many hits we never knew he wrote, to his sexcapades with groupies, and everything in between. It was his rawness on the sex topic that caught the attention of most of his fans who don’t normally get to see him in that light.

You can watch his full interview below, it’s pretty entertaining from beginning to end. But for those who don’t have time to watch it right now, we’ve highlighted a few of the parts below…

He Was A Stockbroker Before Becoming A Singer
Who would’ve thought it, right?

Keith Sweat On The Songs He’s Written That Most Never Knew About
At the 6:50 mark of the video below, Keith Sweat revealed that he wrote and/or co-wrote several songs that many people never knew he was involved with, including his albums. A few of the others were Guy’s “Let’s Chill” (with co-writer, Teddy Riley) Silk’s “Freak Me,” “Just Got Paid” (with Teddy R.) by the late Johnny Kemp, Silk’s entire first album, Lose Control.” He also wrote songs for Ron Isley, Immature, half of his the LSG album (his former group with Johnny Gill and the late Gerald Levert).

Keith Sweat On Why He No Longer “Humps The Stage”
(13:15 mark) “I used to hump the stage …I’m too old to be humpin’ the stage now. I still see some of my groups that I put out that still be humpin’ the stage and I be like ‘Man you too old to still be humpin’ the stage (LOL)! You know…you too old to be doing that, why don’t you just keep your shirt on and …just keep it grown and sexy. Let them young boys do all the grindin’ and humpin.’ Can you see me laying on the floor just grinding and humpin the stage?!! Man I might not be able to get my a$$ up.”

When the hosts pointed out that Keith looks like he’s in great enough shape to be able to hump the floor and get up on his own, Keith quickly replied:

“Yeah I’m in good shape, I could hump the stage and get up…LOL…I’m good.”

On Catching Flack About Begging On Records
“Yeah they use to talk that sh*t about me begging, but I’m rich begging now.”

Keith Sweat Gives Explicit Details On Having Sex To His Own Songs
(17: 40 mark) Keith recalled how he didn’t used to understand why people would always tell him that his music helped their relationship, or helped them get the women they were trying to get with…until he tried it himself:

“I was like ‘Man do my joints really work like that?’ So I went overseas…and I was trying to hit this girl and she wouldn’t give me none…NOTHING. And I was like ‘Baby come on, I need you, I NEED you tonight. I’m getting ready to leave, going back to America tomorrow.”

Keith said the female still continued to hold out, telling him “No, no, no, no, no,” until this happened: “I started singing that ‘Nobody’..LOL. [Then] she said ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!’”

Host, Charlemagne the God, then asked him about performing oral sex on the woman and well…you can see Keith’s classic response was at the 17:40 mark of the video at the bottom of this page. There’s more…

When asked if he used his own music to get plenty of women after he discovered that his music actually worked with the ladies, Keith replied:

“Man once I found out that (my songs) really worked, MAN! I didn’t know, back in the day I was just trying to get money, I did’t know nothing about that. But when I realized it really worked and that I didn’t have to really do nothing but play the record. I didn’t have to play Babyface, I didn’t have to play Johnny, I didn’t have to play none of them, I could just put my own joint on…or either just sing one line?!! Shoot, I went to work baby, LOL.”

TBC host: Did it feel weird having sex to your own music?
“Hell no…because I didn’t feel like there was nobody else in the room but me and her…and …my own voice. I didn’t have to say a word. Can you imagine you don’t have to say nothing, and the song doing all the talking for you? LOL.”

He went on to talk about several other unknown facts including why he had to curse out the head of his record label on behalf of his former group member, Johnny Gill. Also, how Gerald Levert thanked him for fighting the label on his behalf to make LSG a real group and earning Gerald his first and only platinum record. He also talked about tension he had with the late music executive, Gene Griffin, over his songwriting credits for “Just Got Paid” and how his good friend and music collaborator, Teddy Riley, helped him.

Lastly, Keith talked about how he hopes the next trend in music is talent…we definitely agree with him on that.

Like said earlier, the Keith Sweat you thought you knew, is TOTALLY different. Regardless of if someone likes what he’s saying, or not, Keith seems like the type of cat who’s still going to be himself no matter what…and that’s always a plus.

Watch Keith Sweat’s Full Interview Here

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