Entrepreneur Starr Dawkins Explains Why She Broke Up With Dancehall Artist Lincoln3Dot – “We found out we are cousins, Lincoln Is my cousin”

Fathah God why you do it Starr?


We do not usually serve Jamaican tea but we wanted your opinion on this one!

What would you do if you found out you and your significant other were actually cousins after years of dating?

Starr Dawkins is a popular entrepreneur and budding dancehall artist and Lincoln is a popular Dancehall artist with a cult following of his own.

The two dated for 3 years and he broke up with her.

Starr Dawkins appeared on the podcast ‘TheFixJA’ where she shared the real reason Lincoln broke up with her after the Host Naro confirmed that Lincoln was the one who called it quits with the Cookie Wash queen.

Starr alluded to cheating issues but also said they found out that they were cousins, a notion she seemed ok with at the time.

Watch for yourself:


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On Instagram Starr wrote:
Don’t judge me ! Honestly what would u do if u was in a relationship for 3 years & find out it’s ya cousin 😢 @thefixja got all the tea (well rum) in this interview.

With that said, Lincoln is seemingly dismissing the entire thing, joking about it and posting a video from Vybz Kartel who said people are ‘sheep’ and they will buy into everything.


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Twitter reaction:


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