Sony Reveals Will Smith’s “Bad Boys 4” Is Still In The Works – Video

Despite the current issue surrounding Will Smith, Sony Chairman Tom Rothman confirms that Bad Boys 4 will go through as planned. Will Smith’s life has been turned upside down since his Oscars snub.

Smith ended up with the entire globe repeating his and Jada Pinkett-names Smith’s over and again in an attempt to convince Chris Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his lips. Will was suspended from The Academy for ten years as a result, and most of his initiatives were supposedly placed on hold. To be honest, the smack seemed to have more effects than most Hollywood misbehaviour.

According to Deadline, Sony chairman Tom Rothman has said that no project with Will Smith is on hold since the heat has (largely) di-ed down. When asked explicitly about the film’s status during the interview, Rothman stated:

No. That is incorrect. That film has been in development and continues to remain so. That was a really tragic event, and I don’t believe it’s really my place to say about it other than to say that I’ve known Will Smith for a long time and know him to be a wonderful person. That was an example of a nice person having an awful day in front of the entire world. I believe in second chances and forgiveness, and I believe in his sincere apologies and regret.

Despite the turmoil, the show must go on, and the Bad Boys franchise is just too wonderful to be put on hold. People will go to cinemas and download applications to watch it on their phones, so why not move forward? Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are also unbeaten as a team.

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