Video Shows Ex-NFL Player KO a United Airlines Employee After Their Airport Brawl

An ex-NFL player named Brendan Langley was recently caught on camera engaged in a spirited exchange of slaps and punches with a United Airlines worker at Newark Airport in New Jersey. The incident took place on Thursday morning and it just went viral this week. So far, the reason for the infamous scuffle is unknown but it is being rumored that the incident stems from Langley’s choice to transport his suitcases on a public wheelchair for free in lieu of paying $5 to use a luggage cart that belongs to the airport instead.

Surveillance footage depicts Langley and an unidentified employee from United Airlines squaring up with one another, before exchanging open-handed slaps to the face. As the fight intensified, Langley began to throw closed-fist punches, but the United Airlines employee used a bob & weave technique to duck most of Langley’s wild swings with a smile on his face. After the United Airlines worker connected with a slap across Langley’s face, the former defensive back for the Denver Broncos turned to an onlooker and shouted, “You saw that sh*t!”

To that, the United Airlines employee said to Langley, “Hit harder!” So, Langley obliged his combatant with an overhand right punch that sent him crashing to the ground. Afterward, Langley’s wobbly combatant reemerged on the screen, with a bloodied eye as he managed to stager his way towards Langley, indicating that he wanted the fight to continue.

To that, an astonished Langley shouted out, “Bruh, you want some more?!”

“He wants more,” Langley said as he glanced over at a group of spectators.

Langley, 27, was arrested shortly after the incident and he was booked on a single count of assault. As for the other party involved, although he can clearly be seen provoking Langley in the video, he was not arrested for his role in the fight. Instead, he was taken to the hospital so that he could be treated for his injuries. For more on this story, keep it locked.

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Source: Daily Mail

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