Woman, 20, Reveals She Has ‘Married’ A Zombie Doll That She Got When She Was 13 – As She Details How She And The Figurine Even ‘Consummated’ The Union – Video

After marrying her zombie doll, a 20-year-old lady claims her life is now complete. Felicity Kadlec, of Massachusetts, has disclosed that she married her ‘love of her life,’ Kelly Rossi, a 37-year-old zombie doll. Felicity paid $500 for the ceremony in Tiverton, Rhode Island, which included her own wedding gown, Kelly’s tuxedo, and decor for the outdoor setting.

Eight of Felicity’s other dolls attended the wedding, along with four of her family friends. Felicity, who now resides in Vinita, Oklahoma, feels that embracing Kelly has brought her closer to her.

‘Our wedding ceremony was lovely and amazing – just as I imagined it would be,’ Felicity remarked. I made certain that the entire ceremony was done correctly in order to make it as formal as possible, and then only we decided to get married.’

Kelly plays the male role in the couple’s relationship, according to Felicity, who has had partners in the past. ‘She’s a tomboy, so she donned a suit,’ she continued, ‘and I think she felt most at ease as the groom.’

‘Despite being in a four-year relationship with Kelly, being wedded to her has brought me so much nearer to her, both spiritually and physically,’ says the couple. Felicity continued. After growing enamored with horror films and zombie toys, Felicity was given Kelly by her late father.

‘I spotted Kelly on a frightening doll collecting website, and my father purchased her for me when I was 13 years old,’ she added.

I didn’t start having feelings for her until I was 16 years old, but it was something I continued trying to ignore.’

Felicity became closer to the doll when her father leave this world last year, and she found solace in it because it was something her dad had purchased for her. ‘I finally allowed myself to be upfront with who I was and let my feelings come out, and I have never been happier, despite not everyone agreeing with my love life,’ she revealed.

Felicity claimed she realised she had to take things a step further once she felt more assured in her bond with the doll. ‘I knew I had to marry Kelly, but I decided to wait until September because it was our birthday month, and I knew it would be especially special,’ she explained.

‘Just seeing her at the altar as I walked down the aisle was incredible, and to me, she looked lovely,’ Felicity said of the doll on their wedding day. Despite Kelly’s zombie-like look, Felicity maintains she adores her doll and would not trade her for anything.

Her spirit and personality attribute also convinced me that she was the one for me and that I chose to spend the entire time with her,’ she continued. Not only does Felicity have affection for the doll, but she thinks that Kelly reciprocates her sentiments. ‘To me, she is ideal, and I can tell that she absolutely adores me very passionately and that she is happy since we wedded,’ she stated. Felicity also said that she and the doll have a love connection and enjoy ‘close moments’ together. ‘I caress Kelly and feel secure with her, and I sense a deep connection when I’m sharing a quality time with her,’ she stated.

Source & Credit: suchanadaily.com

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