Brandy Freestyles Over The Beat To Jack Harlow’s Latest Single ‘First Class’

Now ya’ll know everyone and their mama had something to say after it was revealed that Jack Harlow recently learned that Brandy and Ray J are siblings. Even Brandy shared a few words about the situation. Now Brandy has spun the block and came back with something else to say as she dropped some bars over the beat to Jack’s latest single.

As previously reported, while appearing on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning,” Jack was asked a few trivia questions that challenged his knowledge of music, and when he was asked to identify Brandy based on her song “Angel in Disguise,” he was unable to. He then was given a few clues to help him out, one of those clues being Ray J, however, he was unaware of Brandy being Ray J’s sister.

Nonetheless, after becoming the talk of social media, Brandy responded in a joking manner and said,

Although she was joking, she kept her promise and jumped on the beat to Jack’s latest single “First Class.”

The freestyle premiered on “Ebro in the Morning” on Wednesday. The track let it be known that although Brandy is referred to as the “vocal bible,” she definitely has those bars too.

Twitter Reacts To Brandy’s “First Class” Freestyle
Jack has not spoken out about Brandy’s bars over his beat, but ya’ll know the folks over on Twitter definitely chimed in. Check out what they had to say below

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