Ex-NFL Star Ricky Williams Changes Name to Errick Miron to Fix Marriage “Imbalance”

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams recently announced on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” that he now prefers to be called by his birth name and his wife Linnea’s last name. During last week’s appearance on the show, the Heisman Trophy winner said he changed his name over a year ago to Errick Miron.

“I did it probably a year and a half ago, made it official,” the former football pro said. “Something I’ve been thinking about and talking about, and I finally went through the steps. I went to the social security office with my marriage certificate, and I went through the process. It was quick and easy, and it felt meaningful. Really meaningful….I’ve found that that’s been really powerful in creating ease, intimacy and trust in my relationship.”

During his explanation, Errick highlighted an astrology class he and his wife took that influenced them to think deeper about their relationship. He also touched on the “imbalance” that existed in their marriage due to the way Linnea is viewed by their social circle. Errick pointed out that his wife is an attorney but that is often overlooked when compared to his fame and resume as a football star.

“One of the ideas that popped into my mind was I can take her last name,” he said. “I think it’s cool. It’s somewhere where we can both win.”

He also explained that Williams isn’t his real last name, which also motivated him to change his name.

“It’s one of those family secrets,” he said. “My grandma, obviously, back then you don’t say anything. And so Williams was her husband’s name, but wasn’t my dad’s father. So Williams is not even really my last name. And if you go back far enough, its idea of it is a slave name, so I think of what is even the purpose of a last name. And I find more meaning in this last name than Williams.”

Look above to hear a snippet of the former All-Pro’s announcement.

Source: NY Post

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