Lenny Kravitz On Fatherhood: “She Is My Best Friend”

Rocker Lenny Kravitz is known for his chic and sexy fashion sense, his effortless, masculine songs and his former marriage to Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet.

But little do many know that Lenny also would “spend days getting high” when first started in the industry.

Years later, Lenny is clean and sober today in part thanks to his daughter. When actress Zoe Kravitz was just 11-years-old she moved into her father’s home. Because of his new “roommate,” Zoe’s mere presence was the best thing that could have happened to him.

“I had to surround myself with energy and chaos and excitement and conflict,” Lenny Kravitz tells Men’s Journal of his drug and alcohol abusing past. “For a bit I was high all the time, just medicating… I suppose that was so I didn’t have to feel certain things.”

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Zoe Kravitz, now a 33-year-old is an accomplished actress, model and inspiration.

“It was the best thing that happened. I had to change my life,” says Lenny. “I was in the middle of my craziness. I had to focus, and I wanted to focus, but all of a sudden, here it was. I began to slowly change my life. If that hadn’t happened, I don’t know where I’d be now.”

When asked about how he manages to deal with her dating possible guys like how he was, Lenny doesn’t shy away.
“She learned the game [from me], so people have to learn to deal with her,” explains Kravitz. “She is my very best friend. Even if she wasn’t my child, I would still love her.”

As he’s pushing 60 soon, what keeps this man’s body so tight and right?

The Lenny Kravitz Diet
Kravitz is and has been one of Hollywood’s most vocal vegans for awhile now. In order for him follow a strict plant-based diet, he uses his properties Brazil and the Bahamas to grow his own food, and claims to go lengthy periods adhering either to an entirely raw diet or cutting out fruit sugars entirely, eating purely vegetables.

Kravitz, who lives in an Airstream trailer in the Bahamas, gives the publication a tour of his kitchen and shows what’s stocked in his fridge.”What we have is green, and more green: We’ve got cucumbers, mangoes, broccoli, kale, salad greens. Over here on the table, fresh from the farm, we’ve got breadfruit and soursop, which is my favorite. Soursop is so good for you– you should try it.” Kravitz continues by showing the camera more fresh-picked produce as well as herbs that he plucked from his own garden.

“It makes things so easy that my parents are still very close,” Insurgent movie actress Kravitz, 26, told the mag. “They have so much love for each other. My dad and my stepdad get along really well.”

Kravitz’s superstar parents split in 1993 after six years of marriage. In 2007, Cosby Show alum Bonet remarried Game of Thrones hunk Jason Momoa, with whom she shares two children Nakoa-Wolf, 6, and Lola, 7. “My dad loves and is close with my brother and sister,” Zoe told the mag. “It’s really beautiful. As long as everyone can be in the same room together, and have love for each other, it’s totally healthy.”

Source & Credit: blackdoctor.org

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