Over 90 Pound Weight Loss: “Use Love As a Tool”

Victoria (victoriaeverest_ on Instagram) is a story that has been shared with us numerous times over the past year. When we first read it, we were taken aback by all that she has accomplished in a real way and had to share it. It’s a story of busy mom who had real life problems and went at the to get real-life results. But don’t just take our word for it.

“I was nearly 210 pounds (15 stone) and physically drained from motherhood,” explains Victoria to Inspiringmompreneurs.com. “My marriage was on the rocks and I was turning even more to my lifelong friend and emotional crux, food, to heal me.

“I guess everyone who changes their life drastically has that moment. Mine was in November 2071 at a family wedding. I was in the bridal party and the dress bought for me was a size 16. On the morning of the wedding, I was getting ready and to my utter embarrassment, I couldn’t fit the dress anymore.”

“Everyone looked at me with a mix of sympathy and dismay. I just broke down and cried for hours. All the emotions I had suppressed, the shame and self-loathing were coming out and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

“I couldn’t turn to my source of healing ‘food’ because, being at rock bottom, I realized it was the problem.”

I decided to make a change

“With my mom’s encouragement, I joined a gym. It may have taken me two months to actually go there, but I still joined. Within those two months, though, I mentally prepared myself for a fitter, healthier life.”

“I decided I was worthy of the time and commitment I was putting into myself and I could see results.”

“After four months, I had lost a lot of weight and after six months, I was a size 8 and 119 pounds (8.5 stone).”

Now, you would think after someone like Victoria had lost weight that she would be happy and everyone would live happily ever after, right?
Well, WRONG.

Actually, what Victoria went on to describe was that she didn’t like her new body. She felt she had lost her womanly curves and was still unhappy. But what she truly realized that she had went over to the other side and become one of those excessive gym-goers and lost all balance in her life.

So she started to cut back on the gym, be more of a mother to her son and truly find the peace and rhythm of life that we all search for.

She explains more about this in a social media post below.

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to speak about this…⠀

On the left is me over 5 years ago and the right fairly recently. Although physically I look very different, I can’t tell you how much I have changed emotionally and mentally.⠀

My personality, my views, my lifestyle, my heart has completely changed. ⠀

5 years ago I was destroying my body with processed foods, alcohol as well as binge eating several times a week, I had a very bad attitude towards exercise I always gave up at the first hurdle. Medically this was very dangerous for me, I was only 26 but I would get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, my cholesterol was high and I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. I hated my body, I felt so unsexy, I hated the way I looked and found confort in food – I was in a downwards spiral.

Source & Credit: blackdoctor.org

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