Ralph Tresvant At 54: Keeping The ‘New’ In New Edition

(photo from ralph tresvant twitter)

“That’s the ‘new’ in New Edition,” says Ralph. “We always try to find something new or current or a new way to do something in order to keep it fresh every night in every city. That’s what I do, that’s what we do.”

In the midst of doing something new, he still sticks to his core fan base. Ralph is obviously in shape and keeps his six-pack and slim build.

One magazine reported that Ralph still plays basketball in order to keep in shape and keep his endurance up on the stage.

Besides touring for nearly two-thirds of the year, the 51-year-old Tresvant loves spending time with his grandson (yes, he’s a grandfather) who is nearly 5 years old now.

In the BET biopic, Tresvant is portrayed as Bobby Brown’s closest friend in the group, and as a good-natured guy who chose to share the spotlight and the solos despite having the best voice.

That portrayal gets to the heart of what does seem to be true to Tresvant even now.

He’s a loyal, dedicated member of the band, and still reps New Edition to this day. He’s also a generous person who’s dedicated time to promoting and helping others.

So even without a record-breaking solo career, Tresvant is still a valued New Edition member for both his musical skills and his great personality.

Besides continuing to tour all over the world with Johnny Gil and the rest of the New Edition family, Tresvant hosted “Inside the Ride,” a radio show in his native Boston that combines R&B, hip hop, and soul, genres that Tresvant should know very well from his many years in the industry.

Source & Credit: blackdoctor.org

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