Rapper & Lil Pump’s Cousin OhTrapstar Among 3 Dead in Fatal Car Crash

Florida rapper OhTrapstar was among three people who died as a result of a car accident early Wednesday morning.

The 23-year-old, who’s the cousin of rappers Lil Pump and Lil Ominous, was in a car with two others when their vehicle ran into a Miami duplex and caught on fire. According to reports, the BMW that the three were in flipped over and burst into flames before landing on its roof. The other two people who died in the crash were 23-year-old Bayle Pricilla Bucceri and 22-year-old Candido Miguel Barroso-Nodarse.

“It was a big hit,” one witness said. “It was a big hit, and then, once we looked, we saw the fire, automatically, we called the cops. Me and my wife was sleeping. We looked out our window, and then we saw the car on fire, and we couldn’t tell if it hit the house. We automatically called the cops. Before we even looked, we called the cops.”

Two of the five people living in the duplex were treated for mild injuries stemming from the crash. The American Red Cross has also secured temporary shelter for the individuals living at the residence.

Investigators claim it’s still too early to conclude what caused the crash, but they believe “speed is a factor in this accident.”

Source: WSVN

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