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Roommates, it looks like Yella Beezy is behind. According to the Collin County, TX records, the rapper (born Markies Conway) was Wednesday in relation to a previous in 2021 and held on a $1,000,000.00 bond. Records show Beezy had a for a bond held insufficient, which means the bond is insufficient in amount. As a result, the presiding judge can order a person to be rearrested and placed back in.

As we previously reported, Beezy was in November 2021 on a charge and booked into the Collin County . In addition to the charge, he was also charged with felony. Felony abandoned child, and misdemeanor. The was released on a $50,000 bond. Beezy has quite the record. Last year he was  three times. So far, he has flown under the radar, marking his first this year.

The ‘That’s On Me’ seems to be trying to focus on his craft. Six days ago, he shared a video on Instagram in the studio. T e caption read, “Get that off my mind when I put it down in my rhymes.”


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