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Around 4:25 a.m. on May 24, Kennon Nicholas Farrow al’legedly entered Pensacola Fitness ar’med with a ha’ndgun and sh’ot Carla Elaine Williams, North Escambia.com reported.

Williams, a 48-year-old associate math professor at Pensacola State College, di’ed at the scene after she was st’ruck multiple times.

“There were several people inside the gym working out,” Pensacola Police Department Public Information Officer Mike Wood said of the incident. “We’re very very fortunate with the amount of sh’ots that were fi’red that nobody else was h’urt.”

According to authorities, Farrow then fled the gym and authorities launched a manh’unt for the 39-year-old su’spected ki’ller.

Farrow was located and a’rrested without incident during a traffic stop on May 25. He was booked into the Escambia County Ja’il without bond on a first-degree mu’rder charge.

The su’spect’s attorney, David Sellers, said Williams had recently broken up with Farrow, WKRG reported.

“I never thought that something like this was possible. He professed his deep love for her. I think perhaps he couldn’t accept that in her mind the relationship was over,” Sellers said.

According to Sellers, Williams had a restraining order ag’ainst F’arrow, who was ar’rested and ch’arged with do’mestic vi’olence by str’angulation and bu’rglary in February.

The vic’tim’s longtime best friend, Aletha Cassity, told the station Farrow “didn’t want [Williams] to leave him.”

“He always seemed emotional and possessive … he would get upset she had so many jobs because he thought she didn’t want to spend any time with him,” Cassity claimed. “He’d want her to quit her jobs.”

Cassity said what happened to her “very sweet” and “very smart” friend, Williams, was “un’nerving.”

“I can only suppose what was in [Farrow’s] mind, but I never saw anything that would lead me to believe he was capable of this,” she said.

Source & Credit: frontpagedetectives.com

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