Niecy Nash Recalls Her Brother’s Life Being Taken On School Campus: ‘School Is A Place You Should Feel Safe”

The issues in the United States surrounding stricter laws continue to make headlines following incidents in recent weeks. Several celebrities and public figures have come forward demanding change and sharing their own experiences with the matter. Actress Niecy Nash took to social media today to reveal she is too aware of the dangers of vio’lence at schools and that the situation its very close to home for her.

While paying tribute to the 19 lives lost at the Uvalde, Texas, this week, Niecy posted a selfie of herself on Instagram. In it, she revealed that her brother had lost his life at school as well. “It hits different cuz school is a place you should feel safe. I don’t wish it on anyone,” the actress stated.


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Niecy Nash followed this up with a clip of Golden State Wa’rriors coach Stephen Douglas Kerr breaking down during the conference finals after hearing news of the incident. “When are we gonna do something,” he said while punching the table. He goes on to declare how tired he is of offering condolences and the government creating excuses. He accused the government and people of putting their own desire for power ahead of the lives of their children and elderly, clearly a reference to Robb Elementary and the tragedy in Buffalo.

In a third post, Niecy Nash shared a TikTok of a Scottish man discussing how Scottland has not had a school incident in over 26 years since they enacted stricter laws. This was following the 1996 incident at Dunblane Primary School, where 17 people lost their lives. “In the 26 years since, how many [incidents] do you think Scottland and the United Kingdom as a whole have had? Zero.”

The heartbreaking post concluded with a photo collage of the victims and a video of one of the young girls speaking to her father about him missing her birthday. Page Six had some more information on Niecy’s brother and the events that claimed his life back in 1993. Nash’s brother was Michael Ensley. The 17-year-old lost his life after an incident with another teen named Robert Lee Heard Jr. at Reseda High School in California.

Heard Jr. went to a juvenile corrections facility in 2002 and was convicted the following year after being released one year later, Heard took the life of his wife. That same year Niecy released a statement to TMZ speaking about the man who took her brother’s life. “No family should have to endure the loss of a loved one at the hands of a previously convicted criminal.

Over in Niecy’s comments section, fans and fellow celebrities showed the Claws star support. “I think of you and your family every damn time this happens. 💔” said Kerri Kenney Silver. Ellen Ector said, “True, Niecy! I’m sick of this! Bless You and prayers up for y’all!”

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