Boosie Reveals His Son Graduated From High School


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Previously, Boosie took to Twitter to speak on the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, saying that prisoners are more protected than children are in schools. The rapper went on to say “They protect inmates better than our kids… yeah I said it.” Since then, Boosie has re-appeared on a lighter note, celebrating a win for his son, who recently graduated from high school

Via Instagram, Boosie went on to say “🖕🏾 y’all he did it ‼️‼️graduation 22” y’all know I’m about to cut up ⬆️ ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️🔥 Pocket fulla money GED [and] p***y waiting on him ⬆️😉.” Take a look above.

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