Master P’s family is gri/eving the loss of his daughter, Tytyana Miller, and cops are working to determine exactly how she di’ed, with initial evid’ence suggesting it was an ove’rdo’se.

Law enfo’rcement sources tell TMZ … dr’ug paraph’erna’lia was found at the scene of Tytyana’s de’ath, indicating it might have ki’lled her … but there were no substances present on the scene.

We’re told the aut’opsy has been completed, but tox’icology results will take several weeks.

As we’ve reported with other cases, fen’tan’yl has been a silent ki’ller in many OD de’aths. Our law en’forcement sources tell us there’s no evid’ence right now it’s connected to Tytyana’s de’ath — but if it shows up in toxic’ology, we’re told LAPD investigators will go into ov’erdrive to find out who supplied the dr’ugs.

As we reported, Master P made the devastating announcement he’d lost Tytyana over the holiday weekend. While he and his family are mourning, Master P tells TMZ … “The only way that we are going to heal and grow from this is with the truth. It has been a long and pa’inful journey for our family, my daughter has been bat’tling with this since 2015. Mental ill’ness and substance ab’use is a real issue and we hope to turn this tra’gedy into a testimony.”

He adds, “As a father, I have always established parameters to protect my children. Unfortunately, when they become ad’ults, they have the legal right to choose who to have relationships with whether healthy or unhealthy.”

Tytyana’s brother, Lil Romeo, also posted a hea’rtfelt message about his sister, saying, “We appreciate all of the prayers, love, and support, and although this is sad times, I’m forever grateful for the memories I did have with my amazing sister.”

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