Celina Powell Re’portedly Sen’tenced to 2 Years for Probation Vio’lation

Image: Celina Powell Reportedly Sentenced to 2 Years for Probation Violation

According to reports, infamous hip-hop “fan” Celina Powell has been sentenced to two years behind bars for viol’ating the terms of her pr’obation.

Powell will serve out her sentence in a Colorado State Pr’ison for vio’lating her probation stemming from a 2015 conv’iction for dri’ving a geta’way car in a th’eft ring. Among Powell’s multiple vio’lations include missing dr’ug and alc’ohol tests and was appre’hended on May 1 after missing her court date.

TMZ reports that Powell will be eligble for par’ole in December.

Source: Tmz.com

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