Young Th’ug Denied Bo’nd In RICO Ca’se And Will Remain In Cu’stody

Young Thug

During an 8-hour-long bond hearing today in Atlanta’s Fulton County Co’urt, Young Th’ug was officially denied bond and will remain in cus’tody of the Co’bb County Ja’il. Young Th’ug, along with fellow YSL member Gunna, will both stand trial for their RICO ca’se that is set for January 2023.

When the prosecutors came up to speak about why Young Th’ug should not receive bon’d, they noted his endless amounts of song lyrics, in which he al’legedly details all of the cri’mes that he and YSL have committed. As they ended their statements at his bond hearing this evening, they called Young Th’ug “King Slime” and singled him out as the “most dangerous” member of YSL and the person calling all the sh’ots, as it relates to mu’rder and other ga’ng-related activity.


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Additionally, state pros’ecutors also detailed a long list of reasons why Young Th’ug is a danger to the community, a flight ri’sk and capable of witness tampering and intimidation:

“[He is] the top dog, the most dangerous man here, because he doesn’t have to get his hands dir’ty, he has others to do his business…YSL ga’ng members [say] that he ‘is dangerous, they are afraid of him, that if they cross him he will ki’ll them and their family…’ he is the one they’re all afraid of, he’s the one that’s King Slime, he’s pulling the sh’ots.”


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As we previously reported, Young Th’ug is cha’rged with “participation in cr’iminal street ga’ng activity” as an “organizer, supervisor, or other position of management or leadership” of several vio’lent cr’imes, including mu’rder. His trial, as well as Gunna’s is set for January 9, 2023.


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